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Very few, if any, successful attorneys have the time and resources to conduct an extensive and thorough investigation. A thorough investigation is critical and often can entail activities that require time consuming work. All known witness should be located and interviewed, along with other witness that will develop as the investigation unfolds. Law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys and opposing council often focus on evidence, information and witnesses that will support their case rather than all of the objective facts and circumstances that are involved. Without an extensive and through independent investigation by a private investigative agency, evidence, information and witnesses that will support your case may never be known or revealed. This is true regardless if your case is criminal defense or determining the cause and extent of an accident or injury.

Private Investigators are often more experienced in locating and interviewing witness than attorneys, and often must travel into areas and deal with individuals that an attorney may not wish to. In most cases, a good investigator can better relate and communicate with witnesses of widely diversified backgrounds, social status and ethnic origins. This fact, coupled with other investigative and information resources results in a great amount of candid and useful information that may then be later used by the attorney.

The use of an experienced and qualified investigator by an attorney or law firm creates an exceptional team. The investigative expenses in a defense case are paid by the client above and beyond the attorney fees, thus costing the attorney nothing. Almost all of the appointed felony defense cases qualify for investigative service, with these services being paid by the states Indigent Defense Fund. In addition to the standard investigative services, a private investigator or agency can be used to review discovery documents, serve legal papers as the relate to the investigation, and provide support and feedback for the attorney during the investigation and the trial.


A private investigator often obtains a great amount of information through covert surveillance This often requires a great deal of time and patience, especially in the cases of divorce and child custody. Videotaped evidence of subject's activity and associates is extremely difficult to argue, and shows the courts in no uncertain terms what is occurring in the subject's daily life. Often one can learn covertly from the subject's associates what the subject is involved with, and these persons can later be subpoenaed for depositions and courtroom testimony under oath.

Often during a divorce and the legal battle over finances, possessions and child custody, the front that is observed by law enforcement, social workers and therapists, and the court differs greatly from what is actually occurring on a day to day basis. The same is true for the "injured" person who arrives at doctor appointments and hearings with a neck brace and cane, yet plays golf later that day and has a part time, cash paying job. In these situations, the covert surveillance videotaped evidence and testimony of associates can be used by the attorney to bring a close, in your favor, to the seemingly endless litigation that these type of cases usually incur.

Often information is obtained through criminal and civil background investigations of not only the subject, but also the close associates of the subject. This information often helps to prove or disprove the credibility and truthfulness of the subject and witnesses.



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