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My name is Del White and I am the owner/lead investigator of Red Rock
Investigations. Although the company has only been around since 1999, I have
been in the investigative and security field since 1986.

Are you in need of personal protection service
from professionally trained persons? We can offer you well-trained
security, protection and executive escort service for you or your clients and/or
their families. We offer both armed and unarmed agents, as well as
professionally trained executive drivers should the situation exist. I
myself have a permit to carry weapons and annually re-qualify for this,
scoring in the expert range regularly, and I hold many years of personal
defense and martial arts training, as well as almost 20 years of actual
security and protection experience. Of our primary agents, all hold
personal defense and martial art training, with Mr. Twemlow holding
multiple degrees and instructing martial arts for over 25 years. Mr.
Nixon has both military and martial arts training, as well as executive
driving training with the Tony Scotti Group.  Mr. Cohee served with Law
Enforcement over 17 years, being trained in a variety of personal defense
and protection techniques with many years of actual experience in these
fields. All agents also hold varying amounts of first aid and first
response and medical training abilities. On a regular basis, we train as
a team in simulated situations to be prepared to work together in
threatening situations.

The fact that these services are available should be of interest to
executives, athletes and other high exposure/high risk persons unfamiliar
with the area. The fact that yourself or the clients employ these
services will also be of great value to your company as far as insurance
and liability issues are concerned.

We offer a variety of other services with experts in each area including
armed protection/security and executive escort services, insurance fraud,
criminal investigations, process service, undercover operations, personal
injury and wrongful death cases, pre-employment/pre-rental screenings and
workers compensation claims. All of our agents are licensed in Kansas by
and through the Kansas Attorney General and the Kansas Bureau of
Investigation, and some are licensed in other states as well.

Red Rock Investigations

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